About Us

SAB System Sdn. Bhd. (SABSys) is a bumiputera company set up with the objective of participating actively in local economic activities as well as abroad. Incorporated in 2011 with more than 50 Man years experience, we provide engineering and Information Technology services and solutions provider to corporate and government sectors. SABSYS brings the best brain in the ICT and engineering industry and has the capability to undertake supply and implementation of ICT and engineering related projects.

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Our vision

SABSYS approach is to create, modify, enhance, and protect the business environment of SABSYS’ clients through creating informed opinions in key audiences based on the creative presentation of truthful information in engineering and software development.

Our Mission

At the heart of SABSYS way is our vision to be the center of technical excellence and leading global player of ICT, engineering and Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) in particular in related industries. We want to be the company that best understands and satisfies our clients with our product and solution. We are committed to the relentlessness pursuit of innovation in providing our services that emotionally meet or exceed customer needs and expectation by delivering competitively priced, highest quality and timely solution, as well as broadens customer and technology base via local presence.