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Component Life Monitoring System (CLMS) is a locally developed and customised system by employing the Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)’s methodology. It’s a smart system where it predicts to prevent a tracked component before it fails. It is also a system designed to track location, configuration, usage status, condition, and maintenance history of serialized machinery components or plant equipment in a customized reports which made the visibility of information is tremendously improved for an on-line decision making.


  • Machinery condition trends data to assist In predicting failures and preventing unscheduled shutdowns
  • A Proactive rather than reactive approach to maintenance
  • Operational cost saving
  • Increase the operational readiness of the assets
  • Reduce the maintenance cost
  • Extending periodic maintenance and Pre-planned maintenance activity
  • Reduce shop visit
  • Improve equipment availability and fewer spare parts in stock
  • Improve visibility of information on-line for decision making
  • Schedule of manpower requirement in advance
  • Effective and organised data library