Defence & Security
Our interactive electronic technical manuals provide the interface to vast quantities of technical information, and are custom-designed to reach a wide audience. Our expertise ranges from simple code transformations to the authoring of complex interactive information architectures.

Technical manuals have long been used in the military, manufacturing, electronic, and aerospace industries to instruct and share technical information with those using their equipment, machinery, systems, and software. Until the emergence of computers, paper manuals were the only resource for this type of information, and are still very widely used today. However, their sheer volume can make them physically cumbersome, difficult to find desired content, and expensive to maintain. Thus, interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) have quickly become the preferred method of technical communication for many agencies. Our IETM solution provides more efficient alternative to paper manuals, with their ease-of-use, cross-referencing capabilities, and digital portability.


At SABsys, we are experts in IETM programming. We specialize in the conversion of legacy and paper manuals to IETMs, delivered on CD-ROM and over the Web. Our team of technical writers and editors, programmers, technical illustrators and user interface designers work together to create digital information architecture that combines straightforward navigation with quick access to large quantities of information. Using only a standard web browser, data can be easily retrieved across thousands of documents.

We utilize interactive elements to further enhance the information store. Hyperlinks are placed within the pages of an IETM, which allows a user to cross-reference a topic between separate manuals. Interactive scalable graphics and other media are included to allow for further expansion of a subject. The electronic nature of IETMs deployed on CD-ROM and the Internet allows for easy integration of future updates.


  1. We adopt 3D interactive solution into IETM to migrate;
    • traditional instruction procedure into interactive method.
    • conventional process cycle (HOW IT WORKS) into interactive method.
  2. Our IETM solution can be integrate with Interactive CBT